Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

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A best night’s sleep on a backpacking trip used to be a rare case, but today’s sleeping pads are highly improved over their predecessors.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Comfort is better than ever with highly advanced baffling and cell designs, packed size and weight continue to drop, and you can get all the warmth and insulation you need for cold weather.

Below we break down the best backpacking sleeping pads of 2020, including, self-inflating, leading air, and foam models. With any pad, you choose, ensure that you take proper care to avoid holes. So without any further delay, let us start

#1 POWERLIX Sleeping Pad

POWERLIX Sleeping Pad

This revolutionary hexagon design of the best backpacking sleeping pads is made special with the technology of body mapping.

The hexagon air cells support all of your pressure points and give you superior support and great comfort all night long, no matter at which angle you sleep!

The mat is also a camping luxury, being light in weight, and comfortable. It rolls up very small, making it unproblematic to carry around. The pads come with a 3 combination choice and 2 color choices.

Just roll the cot over to enjoy the new color. With this sleeping pad, you can live your life to the fullest. Now this is the time to plan a trip!

The camp mat cannot be easier to inflate than with the inflating bag. It has a non-leak air valve, dual-action, to inflate and deflate the mattress. Being small and light in weight when packed, it will not cause backaches from its weight, and it easily fits in your backpack.

Being insulated, it is perfect for the best night’s sleep during any kind of adventure, whether it be camping, hiking, backpacking, and more, in any weather! Well this sleeping pad offers you durability. It is the mat of all mats!

This best backpacking sleeping pad is made of durable, outdoor grade materials, like 75D nylon. It includes thermal insulation in order to keep your body warm from cold winter ground. It is completely waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

You can say goodbye to sore backs and other distresses normally left by rocks and bumps underneath the floor of your tent. It is the best thing you need outdoor.

This exclusive item comes with a carry bag, Sleeping Pad, 2 repair kits, and also an inflating bag. Well, a patch kit is also included that is stored in a small pocket on top of the storage bag. The inflating bag has been designed keeping you in mind, for all of your needs.

In addition to inflating the mattress, it can also be used for several different things, such as a waterproof carry, pillow, or a laundry bag, or to carry the sleeping mat itself!

PowerLix guarantees to have your back! They want nothing but you happy with your new camping bed! Their professional customer service is there to do whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction.


  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Live your life at fullest
  • Unique and everlasting durability
  • Everything you need for outdoor
  • Lifetime warranty

#2 Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo presents one of the best backpacking sleeping pads. It offers 2 inches of sleep support. I am sure that you are definitely going to love it.

Want to sleep with comfort anytime, anywhere? No need to suffer from a cheap fragile short outdoor sleeping pad! This portable camping mat pad is just perfect.

They are super sturdy and highly comfortable. It is great for any sleep position. It is simply perfect. No need to worry about the space in your backpack. No backaches because of heavyweight very convenient to carry.

You will wish you found these years ago. Also it comes with a sleek storage pouch. This durable, comfy, and large sleeping pad features a lifetime warranty.

Practically and economically efficient with a great size blown up of 75X23. This sleeping pad will offer you the comfort you need. It is heavy-duty, tear-resistant rip stone nylon fabric. This lightweight sleeping pad is made of very strong waterproof nylon fabric.

This light in weight sleeping pad is made of strong waterproof camping grade rip stone nylon fabric. With an impressive 20 denier thickness used for the strongest camping equipment designed to last a lifetime even in the severe conditions.

Take pride in offering the best customer services. Promise to treat you like family. They also offer a lifetime warranty.


  • 2 inches thick sleep
  • Weighs only 14.5 oz
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Hassle-free and lifetime replacement

#3 Klymit Sleeping Pad

Klymit Sleeping Pad

This 4 season backcountry camping pad is one of the 10 best backpacking sleeping pads in 2020. The light in weight insulated air mattress with Klymalite insulation keeps you warm when it is cold outside.

The R-Value of 4. 4. With this sleeping pad now you can sleep with comfort all night long. It features an innovative v-chamber design with synthetic insulation which limits heat loss and air movement.

It is very light in weight and can be packed to 5X8 inches. The inflated size is 72X23X2.5 inches. It also offers body mapping technology.

The patented V-shaped design offers comfort and supports no matter how you sleep, on your back, side, or even on the stomach. It also includes a stuff sack and patch.


  • 4 season country backyard camping pad
  • Sleep comfortably
  • Very light in weight
  • Includes stuff sack and sack

#4 Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Lightweight

Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Lightweight

This one of the best backpacking sleeping pads offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If because of any reason you are unsatisfied, just let the company know and they will fix it.

From refund to replacement, they ensure to make the customers satisfied. It offers the most comfortable sleep when camping or traveling.

The self-inflating sleeping pad for camping offers warm, dry, and comfortable sleeping place when camping, resting in nature, or traveling.  It offers 1.5 inches thickness of a sleeping pad.

With this mat, you will not feel the uneven ground below your back. Take your sleeping pad, put it in the tent, and sleep with comfort in any of the positions.

The weight of the sleeping pad is just 38 ounces and the dimensions are 73х22х1.5.  It is very easy to use this sleeping pad. To fold the backpacking sleeping pad back in the bag compactly and quickly, use the 2 compression belts included in the kit.

You can easily use the inflating sleeping pad even when the ground temperature is above 20F. The 75D polyester material is long-lasting, durable, and protects the pad from moisture.

One more thing, it also includes a mending kit inside the package of your backpacking sleeping pad.

The sleeping pad has a durable plastic valve and superior insulation. 2 squares of fabric  for mending purpose and a transparent adhesive paper are sewn into the bag for safe and convenient storage, so you will not forget it at home and it will be at hand always.


  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Comfortable sleep when camping and traveling
  • 1.5 inches thick
  • Very easy to use
  • Universal construction
  • Mending kit is also included


#5 4 Season Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

4 Season Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

This one of the best backpacking sleeping pads has a premium woven polyester blend. It is very easy to use in rapid deformation and inflammation.

Either you are setting up camp or even breaking it down, the last thing you want is a sleeping pad that takes almost forever to blow up or pack up.

The innovative rapid one-way valve design makes both setup and stow unlike any sleeping pad or air mattress you have ever tried.

We are confident that the Hybern8 in your backpack will be easy to use camping accessories that you will ever own. Now you can enjoy 4 season comfort in any sleeping position.

The body is designed very uniquely and we love to explore, and the conforming sleeping pad that we have developed is designed in a unique way to support you however you like to catch your Z’s. Whether it is sleeping on your back, side, stomach, or curled up like a lamb’s back.

With 2.5 inches loft and an R-Value of 4.5, the Hybern8 offers 4 season comfort and warmth you can count to help get you the shuteye that you deserve. One great thing about this sleeping pad is that you can place it in your hammock as it offers a hammock approved versatile design.

Getting rest at night from your own bed should not limit where you lay your head at night while you are at vacation enjoyment.

The patent-pending FlexCell honeycomb design not only outlines to any sleeping position, but wherever you prefer to call it a night – whether that is in your tent in a hammock camping under a clear sky, or sleeping bag.

Unlike the countless firm sleeping pads in the market, this one is comfortable, flexible, and supportive without any compromise. It is light in weight, durable, and ultra-compact. Weighing in at 24.5 ounces and packable to almost the size of a 1-liter water bottle, the Hybern8 sleeping pad is the best when it comes to getting the best night’s sleep without having to strap extra gear to your pack and drag it for miles.

Just as important, the custom blend of 70 deniers woven polyester is built to last with a softness you won’t find in a nylon pad.

Wear-resistant, weatherproof, and built-to-last with zero compromises on quality. This camping gear is developed through difficult trail testing and engineered by explorers who have logged so many hours backpacking trails and the combating elements.

Don’t be fooled by inauthentic brands who offer bribes in exchange for ‘honest’ reviews of sub-par products. Our commitment to customers and Mother Nature is second to none and we refuse to play games to get your business.


  • Premium woven polyester blend
  • It outlines the sleeping positions
  • Reduces back ache
  • Offers comfortable sleep


#6 Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad Set

Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pads Set

Ryno Tuff offers one of the best backpacking sleeping pads with the best sleep at night. The 2 inches dense, foam pad will shield you from the uncomfortable and cold ground.

When fully blown up the camping pad reaches up to 75 inches long by 25 inches wide. It is perfect for car and bike and car camping, backpacking or trekking.

Important note: While the pad is self-inflating, it self inflates enough to offer excellent insulation, however, you can control the exact firmness of the sleeping pad by blowing into the valve.

It offers real insulation for real conditions. Did you know that the temperature of your sleeping bag is calculated with an underneath sleeping pad, so if you are done with uncomfortable cold nights while camping in your hammock or tent, then you need to buy this camping mattress?

The thick air-cell foam insulation offers an R-Value of more than 4 and a comfortable firm surface just like your mattress at home.

This self-inflating sleeping pad and a camping pillow weighs less than 4 pounds and will measure about 7 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height when it is rolled up.

That is an amazing packability. You can use the unique snaps to cartel two sleeping pads together to make an even wider sleeping surface or to connect one sleeping mat beneath the other to form a thick camping mattress. It is built to last for a long time period.

They have used the stronger and the best materials to make sure long-lasting durability and water resistance. The foam insulation is covered with a 75D polyester which means unbelievable toughness. The Pillow is made of 210T ripstop polyester.

However, if you have still any concerns, they do offer a “Lifetime Warranty” so any time your sleeping pad or pillow faults during normal usage, they will replace them without any charges.


  • Real insulation for the real condition
  • All without adding too much space and weight
  • Built to last

#7 Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow

This one of the best backpacking sleeping pads by Coleman self-inflating sleeping pad offers extra cushioning on camping trips.

Its tufted, soft design provides you an extra layer of padding between the ground and the sleeping pad. Also it offers a self-inflating design. The free-flow valve inflates the pad with just an air pad.

The compression straps force out the air for fast deflation. Its durable polyester shell tolerates tough use. Inflated dimensions is 76 x 25 x 2.5 inches


  • The inflatable sleeping pad offers extra cushioning
  • The soft, tufted design provides an extra layer of padding
  • Self-inflating design
  • Compression straps offer quick deflation
  • Durable polyester shell



The main two types of sleeping pads are foam pads and air pads. Both types can be comfortable and very light in weight. Foam pads are really affordable, quick to set up, and can be used for a lot of purposes – like extra support for a seat around camp or a frameless backpack. The main downsides with foam pads are they are bulkier to pack and they compress with the passage of time, so they should be replaced every so often. Air pads are somehow expensive, but most backpackers find them to be more comfortable than the foam pads. The main downside with air pads is; they can puncture in the field, so you will always want to bring a repair kit.


If you decide to take an air pad into the wasteland, ensure to pack a small repair kit. Sharp objects like rocks, sticks, cacti, etc can puncture air pads, so look over your sleeping area before setting up your camp. If your pad springs a leak and you do not have a way to fix it, you are going to be an unhappy camper. Well, all the air pads mentioned above come with a repair kit, but we always pack tenacious tape for an emergency case.


Your shoulders and hips are the biggest pressure points for sleeping pads, so it is very important to use a pad that gives you comfort in those areas. Sometimes ultra-light backpackers use short, torso-length pads and let the legs hang off the end in order to save weight. Most casual backpackers prefer the comfort of full-length pads that cushion the heels and keep the feet warm.


Choosing the accurate width for your sleeping pad is a very important decision that will largely depend on the style of your sleeping. Side sleepers are usually fine with standard width pads, and back sleepers prefer a bit more width to keep their arms from sliding, but the final decision comes down to personal preference. Almost all the pads we listed above come in a wide size option. A lot of manufacturers make wide pads with regular lengths, but so many offer a size only that is both long and wide. The extra weight of a regular/wide pad compared to a long/wide pad is only an ounce or two.


A lot of backpackers choose mummy sleeping pads, which save weight by cutting out infrequently used corner sections of the sleeping mattress. Some sleepers get to rest on rectangular pads, so if that is you, some extra ounces will be well worth it. The most common rectangular pad users are the back sleepers that like to spread their legs while sleeping.


Having a greatly packable sleeping pad offers a nice benefit, and many air pads pack down so small these days. If you choose an immense sleeping pad, you may have to strap it to the outside of your bag. Well that is not a big deal for foam users, but leaving an air pad exposed to punctures on the outside of your pack is a disaster recipe. All the air pads that we have recommended are greatly packable and will easily pack inside your backpack.


Comfort is when sleeping on the ground, and a lot of people who cannot handle a night under the stars do not camp or backpack at all. Best backpacking sleeping pads are thin and less plush than the camping mattresses and pads, but the newest outdoor gear technology has made advances in this department. We think Sea to Summit’s Air Sprung Cells make for some of the comfortable sleeping pads around, although they cannot quite compete with Therm-a-Rest in terms of weight and R-value per ounce.

Maybe you have noticed a lot of chatter in product comments about being a side sleeper or a back sleeper. Back sleeping evenly distributes your weight, whereas side sleeping puts a larger percentage of weight around the shoulders and.


Check the return policy of the seller, but you can always return an unused sleeping pad in a limited time frame after purchasing. We recommend buying your best backpacking sleeping pads, testing it at home, and exchanging/return if it does not feel quite right. We have been buying lightweight sleeping pads online for so many years

Sleeping Pad Categories: Air, Self-Inflating, and Foam

Air Pads

 best backpacking sleeping pads fall into three general categories: air, self-inflating, and closed-cell foam. Air pads provide unmatched compactness, rolling down to the same size as a Nalgene bottle. Also they are the lightest option, while at the same time they provide unmatchable thickness. Baffling techniques or bonding insulation can bring impressive warmth, highlighted by the Therm-a-Rest XTherm with an R-value of approx 6.9. The downside is that it has high puncture risk, and also it is a big consideration. Middle of the night devaluations can ruin a trip very fast. Bringing along a patch kit should ease most concerns, but still it is the biggest reason not to buy an air pad.

Self-Inflating Mats

 The self-inflating mattresses were a revolutionary idea when the Therm-a-Rest was invented back in 1972. By combining open-cell foam and space for the pad to fill and expand with air, it brought ease, convenience, decent durability, and also comfort. It’s evidence to the technology that most of the self-inflating pads have not deviated much. Compared with the air pads, self-inflating options are more resistant to puncture, and still you have some semblance of padding if it deflates right in the middle of the night. Negative points are that the foam brings extra poundage and they do not pack down as small to an air pad. Backpacking options are also not that much thick leading to complaints from the side sleepers.

Foam Pads

 Old closed-cell foam pads have still a place on this list as a dependable, tried, and true option. Yes, they are the slightest comfortable option, do not pack as small, and do not have the highest R-values, but also they have exactly a zero percent chance of deflating right in the middle of the night. And they are the best secondary pads to bring along for the winter camping. Designs like the Nemo Switchback and Therm-a-Rest Z Lite are staples for long-distance trekkers and thru-hikers because of their lightweight and versatile constructions.

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