10 Best Boots for Hunting in Cold Weather 2020

10 Best Boots for Hunting in Cold Weather 2020

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As a hunter, there are a few conditions that can shut down your voyage faster than frozen feet. With warm feet, you can easily stay focused on your fun-filled gaming session or experience and while at it, assure a successful hunt. On the other side, there’s only a few you can do with frozen feet – literally.

Best Boots for Hunting in Cold Weather

The bottom line here is that having the right hunting equipment can surely make all the difference while out in the woods. If you love to hunt in cold weather, investing in the best boots for hunting in cold weather would certainly be in your best interest.

With the huge range of variety of hunting boots in the market, choosing the perfect kicks to serve your needs can prove to be an intimidating affair. As always, though, it all boils down to the type of terrain you intend to hunt your prey down.

Will you be striding through swampy areas or maybe, hiking on deep snow? Well, irrespective of where you are planning to hit this time, we have you covered the list for you. Here we have made a list of the warmest and best hunting boots for hunting in cold weather this year. So without any further delay let’s start:

Hunting Boots Product NamesPrice
Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IIICheck Price
Lacrosse Men's Rubber Boot
Check Price
KEEN Men's Durand Polar Hiking Boot
Check Price
KEEN Men's Winterport II Check Price
Vasque Men's Snowburban IICheck Price
KEEN Men's Summit CountyCheck Price
Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IIICheck Price
Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot
Check Price
Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IIICheck Price
Columbia Men's BugabootCheck Price

Winter Hunting Boot Buying Guide

You need to keep in mind that buying the best boots for hunting in cold weather is very different from buying regular or work boots. There are so many things that you need to consider before making the final purchase.

Weight: A hunter needs to move around and jump a lot. Now possibly you cannot do that if your boot weighs a ton. Anyhow, you want to go for some lightweight option.

Noise: Another thing that you need to consider is that the animals that you are going to hunt are usually high on alert. So, you must be furtive. Obviously you cannot do that if your boot makes noises. That’s why you need to choose a stealthier option.

Insulation: Your boot must-have features to warm in order to prevent your feet from getting cold. Decent insulation is mandatory to ensure that the temperature of your boot stays warm enough inside during cold weather. Your hunting boot needs to be waterproof. Pick one that makes your feet stay dry all the time in any condition.

Comfort: Hunting takes some time to complete, so comfort is an important thing to consider. You will not be able to perform nicely in a fatigued and discomforted state.

Ensure that your boot has ankle support and heel, rubber insole and outsole shock absorber, and proper arch, etc. It’s favorable to have the best air circulation in your boots.

#1 Columbia Men’s Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot is one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather. Its rubber sole ensures that you will not get slipped.

Columbia Men's Omni Cold-Weather Boot

The rubber sole offers long-lasting and durable traction as you walk on dry terrain or wet rocks. These ankle-high cold weather boots are completely waterproof so you can easily walk in the water without any tension.

The lightweight midsole is best for long-lasting comfort, it has superior cushioning and best energy return.

It is best for those who have sweaty feet or people who are looking for waterproof shoes to make sure that your feet will not get cold in extremely cold weather. These shoes will ensure your foot safety and you will not get slipped even on snow or slippery rocks.


  • 100% Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 7″ from arch
  • Ankle-high cold-weather boot
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Techlite lightweight midsole
  • Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber outsole

#2 Lacrosse Men’s Rubber Boot Hunting Shoe

LaCrosse Men’s rubber boot is a fantastic model that you can use for trekking or walking. This one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather is available in different sizes that offer incredible comfort and stability to the user.


LaCrosse Men’s boots are waterproof and it comes equipped with an accurately fitted rubber that makes it easy to put on and take off and also very flexible. Its natural rubber compound is used all around the boot and provides a user with much essential comfort around feet and ankle and offers great flexibility. Let us take a more in-depth look into LaCrosse Men’s boots.

LaCrosse Men’s boot has a natural rubber that offers the best air circulation and lets your foot breathe. This material, combined with a carved neoprene lining makes sure that your legs and feet are comfortable and cool at all times. The neoprene adds to perfect stability and flexibility.

This Pro 18 Men’s hunting boots are very light in weight and provide ultra-comfort to a wearer. You will be able to walk for so many hours without having to take a break. They come with thick cushioning in the boots that allow your legs to easily adjust and have the needed cushioning that is mandatory for walking on long distances.


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 16″ from arch
  • Platform measures.075 inches inches
  • Boot opening measures 17.5″ around
  • Height- 18 inch.
  • Hand-laid rubber

#3 KEEN Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boot

Keen is one of the leading brands when it comes to the best bots for hunting in cold weather. They are really affordable and durable shoes. The KEEN Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boot is designed and styled to offer you long-lasting durability. It works very well in most situations.

KEEN Men's Durand Polar Hiking Boot

The boot has a breathable inner lining. While still, this will be water-resistant, it will allow some of the sweat to evaporate and so finally disappear.

It makes the boot very effective for use in cold and hot weather conditions as well. This KEEN boot is electric resistant which means the boot can be used in extremely tough conditions.

The extremely outer sole is durable and resistant to any conditions that may occur actually. Since the boot is constructed from synthetic material and leather, it will mold comfortably around your feet. It is very light in weight at just over 4-pounds, helping you reduce your fatigue and give you the possibly best comfort in the long run.

It has a high-cut design that makes the boot effective when you are looking for comfort and the best possible protection. An inner sole will mold to your foot type and it also offers you an extra comfort if suffering from supination or pronation.


  • 100% Leather and Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 7.5″ from arch
  • Stay warm
  • Stay dry
  • Very comfortable

#4 KEEN Men’s Winterport II Winter Boot

Hunting is likely to take you places where are different kinds of weather. Hence, you have to buy the best model to have the ultimate protection. With this one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather, you will achieve that and you will like the fact that it is completely waterproof hunting boot.

KEEN Men's Winterport II Winter Boot

The reason for its waterproof nature is because of the usage of ultra-dry technology that can be found in several other boots of this brand.

Here another thing to note is that it remains waterproof for several long hours. You will feel always dry with this boot.

Even you can efficiently control the scent as the animal has an incredible sense to quickly spot a strange. You know after that what will happen. It will be out of the place within no time! The use of ScentBan technology does not let the scent from getting out.

It is possible because of the use of the breathable fabric inside. You’ll definitely feel comfortable wearing it. These boots are made of great material. It has composite material that definitely reduces its weight by up to 50%.

You don’t need to worry about its comfort level and durability. These boots will provide you the durability and right comfort for many years.


  • 100% Synthetic, Textile
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable leather lining

#5 Vasque Men’s Snowburban II UltraDry Snow Boot

This is of the best choice for rugged terrain as it is one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather. It is waterproof, easily breathable, and ultra-insulation to keeps you warm in every situation and time even if you are in cold climates.

Vasque Men's Snowburban II UltraDry Snow Boot

This is one of the best-selling brands and choosing it for your feet will definitely be a perfect match if you are a keen lover. The rubber sole helps you to stay in a place with a strong grip without slipping.

It has deep lugs for awesome traction on even harsh places.

Don’t miss it. Buy it right now from Amazon.


  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 8″ from arch
  • Platform measures 0.75 inches inches
  • 8mm Waterproof Leather,
  • Waterproof Textile. 400g 3M Ultra Insulation
  • Terry Loop Wool Lining

#6 KEEN Men’s Summit County Waterproof Winter Boot

These rubber boot boots provide you extra comfort with extra care for your feet even in harsh terrains. You can say that these are the best boots for hunting in cold weather.

KEEN Men's Summit County Waterproof Winter Boot

Why going for any other choice if you have the best boots here? The rubber sole gives you strong grips and it is waterproof and will get dry within no time.

It has a high content rubber made and it also has cushion consoles for your confidence.

Now hunting is very easy if you have that hunting boots of your choice. Order your boots now.


  • 100% Leather
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof

#7 Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Omni-Heat Snow Boot

Like always Columbia presents one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather. This is a great product for the outdoor thrill experience.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Omni-Heat Snow Boot

It features 800G of 3m ultra-insulation in order to make you feel warmer in cold weather. It has an extra comfortable cushion that is removable and the anti-fatigue foot-bed will make you comfortable and confident all day.

Columbia helps you to hunt better at your choice. Its waterproofing capacity keeps you dry at any temperature and circumstances.

It is made of the perfect combination of nylon, leather, metal and webbing hardware. If you want to have the best experience of hunting in cold weather, go for this.


  • Combination of leather, nylon, webbing and also metal hardware
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 9.5″ from arch
  • Platform measures 0.5
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction

#8 Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

The Kamik Hunter boots are a popular choice among hunters for a long time because of its awesome features at an extremely affordable price. These are beautifully designed boots that are very light in weight. They are meant to give you breezing comfort in extremely cold weather.

Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

You will not feel any discomfort in walking on muddy or snowy terrains with this model. Your feet will remain dry as it is made with completely waterproof rubber.

Its creatively designed thermal liner is made to give you comfort in freezing cold weather and prevent moisture from developing in the boots. It has the best air circulation, as well. Adjustable drawstrings and nylon collar allow easy tightening and loosening depending on your calf size.

Its 16.5 inches opening makes you able to quickly remove and wear it. The rubber sole offers a strong grip to prevent slipping in slippery and wet grounds making it a formidable gear to tackle dangerous environments.

This customer-favored boot is made with fabrics and rubber of the best quality, giving it outstanding durability. That is something you might be concerned about if you want a comfortable and successful hunting experience. Whether you’re hunting in cold and rainy weather, these boots will secure your feet and keep it warm


  • Keep warm in frosty weather
  • Perfect for cool conditions and high activity levels.
  • Seam-sealed boots made to seal out snow and water.
  • Waterproof suede upper
  • Flexible synthetic rubber shell

#9 Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Boot

When you go for mountain climbing or any adventurous journey, try something new and exciting. You need a perfect fit for your legs in order to resist the feet from poisonous organisms.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Boot

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot as these best boots for hunting in cold weather gives you all time comfort on the journey without causing any issue with your feet. It gives you a new and modern style with the ultimate confidence you need.

These boots allow you to be in the water for so many hours but they do not allow water to enter inside the boots that make you inconvenient.

They do naturally breathe and are perfect for people of any age. It is imported and has a rubber sole that is fitted to it and it is lined with the best material for absorbing and evaporating sweat.


  • 100% Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 7″ from arch
  • Ankle-high cold-weather boot
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Techlite lightweight midsole
  • Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber sole

#10 Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Wide Snow Boot

This one of the best boots for hunting in cold weather is made in the USA. These boots have rubber soles to give you and an extra grip on hostile circumstances like jungle walk or adventurous trekking.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Wide Snow Boot

Its thin ultra-insulation is there in the shoes to protect you from temperatures below 40 degrees. The rubber footer will give you an extra wider platform for your stability.

These boots are made with expertise that you will not find any bad reviews from customers. Definitely, you will choose Columbia boot and appreciate for its best quality. It is really water-resistant and lets you stay dry throughout your walk.


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures 7.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures 2″
  • Platform measures 0.75″
  • Waterproof
  • Sealed leather upper

Important Features of Boots for Hunting


Multi-purpose boots are among the most popular categories of hunting boots you can find. You will be able to look up virtually any option for your footwear depending upon your type of use and needs.

Are you just looking to get a pair of great upland hunting boots, some big-game boots, or are you looking for a pair of boots that can cover nearly all outdoor and hunting activities? If yes, then multi-purpose is the answer.

These types of boots are designed to be highly durable, last long for long durations and usage, and provide the user with amazing traction on various surfaces.

These boots also come with a wide range of insulation levels. Multi-purpose boots provide more support than the upland versions as they can easily cope with the rugged and tough terrain.

They come with heavier lugged soles that give the wearer more traction. It is totally up to you to choose between purchasing shoes that are capable of handling any terrain or if you prefer ones that are specifically made for a single purpose.

High Country

If you looking to hunt big games such as elks, wild sheep, or deer, there is a high probability that you might have to trek on some very steep terrains. You will most definitely require additional support from your footwear on such terrains.

Navigating the rough country on foot is a quite risky task. It may prove especially disastrous if you choose the wrong type of boots. You might twist your ankle or lose your footing if your boots are not suited for the terrain.

This is why High Country Hunting Boots are highly recommended. These boots are designed keeping in mind the most daunting steep hunting trails.

They are very durable and offer great support to both your feet and ankles. The wide range of variants cover the long winter season and can be used for a number of outdoor activities such as hunting, archery or rifle games.

 Water Resistance

Water-resistant shoes protect your feet from all types of harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain. You should always consider a model includes a waterproof lining.

If you are unable to procure one, you can always purchase a chemical waterproof solution that you can apply to any shoes. You can find such products at any apparel and footwear store or online.

Wrapping It Up

That being said, the boots described above are the best in the category. Hopefully, by now you must have gotten some insight as to how to find the best boots for your hunting hobby and what to look for when shopping for hunting boots.

The bottom line, the boots mentioned above are a class of their own when it comes to boots for cold weather hunting. These are well-established brands that have built a reputation over the decades. If you are looking for a quality pair, it is highly likely you’ll fall in love with our top 10 boots.

 However, remember to research the type of shoes you need before hitting the stores to get an idea of what exactly you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How tall should my hunting boot be?

Actually, it depends on what you are hunting. If your hunting takes you to walk through swamps, you will definitely want a tall boot to keep you dry. In general, 8 to 10 inches boots will be good enough for you.

What should be my hunting boot’s weight?

Again, it entirely depends on your hunting choice. It is advised for you to go for lightweight options for the best maneuverability and flexibility.

Which design should I go for?

It depends on your hunting preference. If you are hunting in cold weather, you’re going to want to go for isolated designs in order to protect you from the freezing cold temperature. You’ll want the waterproof tall shoes if you go hunting in the swamp areas. If the hunting takes you walking through slippery areas then you’ll need the boots with high traction.

Which brand is considered the best?

Well, this is a hard question to answer, as there are a lot of options. So many of them produce outstanding products. There is no easy way to answer this question, but rest assured, the boots we’ve reviewed are among the best shoes.

How many grams of insulation I need for the hunting boots?

This entirely depends on the weather conditions. You can go for 200 grams of insulation in mild weather and 600 grams of insulation in colder weather. And get 800 grams when the weather is extremely cold.

What are the best boots for bad weather conditions?

If you live in a place where the weather is a little extreme, you will stay safe in a 2000 gram Pac boots. Pac boots are designed with an effective and soft inner membrane that is designed to keep your feet always extra-warm irrespective of how cold it gets. Anyhow, it is worth noticing that these boots can be a little heavy, making them best for hunting.

What’s the best shaft height?

The ideal shaft height differs from hunter to hunter. Boots with taller shafts are preferred as they offer much protection as compared to those with short shafts – ideal for soggy grass or slightly wet terrains.

What are some of the protective features to watch out for?

Well, there are so many comfort and protective features changing from one boot to another. Some of the best features to look for including the patented Ankle-Fit design that can lock your heel in place, a cushioned EVA midsole and an interior shanks to cover the arch just to name a few.

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