Best Wind Chimes in 2020

Best Wind Chimes in 2020

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Wind chimes! A certain type of symbol for the stroke of luck in so many parts of Asia and are mostly utilized in Feng Shui. It was around 1100 B.C. when they started upgrading these wind chimes with the addition of bells. Yong-Zhong is a specific name that is given to those bells that come without any clapper.

best selling wind chimes

Expert metal craftsmen manufacture these bells that were used in the religious ceremonies and during the routine religious practices. The best sounding wind chimes are considered attractive for the divine spirits that keep the bad ones away from the location you place them.

Now a day, so many people are eager to buy these wind chimes that is why this guide will be extremely useful for the buyers who have stepped out to seek the best wind chimes.

There is one more essential thing to be heeded. Some of the experts suggest that wind chimes should be placed in the outdoors and that is the place they suite the best because the wind always blows through the outdoors.

Others found no hesitation regarding the attentive usage of wind chimes placed in the indoor areas. A little wind chime with tiny stones is very useful indoors. The well-known feng shui schools believe that wind chimes are something that should be used in the healing process of negative forces.

This could be meant as the application of feng shui updates annually and or on the other hand a challenging persistent force that is designed for the inside of a home.

So, just stick to the following text to get each and every single tiny or big detail and information that you will find nowhere else.

What are the procedures of using wind chimes in Feng Shui?

If there is a need for robust feng shui in some certain Bagua areas as for example, the northwest. It is possible that an advisor advises you have a metal wind chime that contains at least six cords. The six is a feng shui number for the region of the northwest.


This will undoubtedly be a hollow tubular wind chime in order to authorize the possible to be exchanged through the sheng chi. Most commonly, three particular things are considered while the selection of wind chimes that are to be used for certain locations.

  • With what material the chime is crafted?
  • How many bells or rods are used in it?
  • What are the specific symbols that are represented through the design?


One should always keep this thing in his/her mind that the element or the stuff should match with the stuff of that wind chimes of the Bagua region where you have decided to place it.

Bear in your mind that a metal wind chime can be positioned in north, west, and northwest, on the contrary, the wooden or bamboo wind chimes are to be settled in the south, east, and southeast.

You may discover the wind chimes manufactured using the clay or the porcelain bells. Which is an element directly related to the earth and called earth feng shui, it suits the earth or when it comes to wooden or bamboos’, wood feng shui relates to the Bagua area that is consists of the center, southeast, east, southeast and the northeast.

wind chimes


When it is about any sort of feng shui cure, just keep in mind that the main (directly related element) should not be reduced or damaged in any case. As an example, a metallic wind chime should not be placed in the east (that is a wood element region) or a wooden chime should be avoided to suspend in the southwest (that is an earth element region).

To some extent, few of the consultants recommend that the hollow rods of a chime are the best choice particularly when you are after an energizing impact.

On the other hand, the chimes with solid rods work great when you are trying to restrain the energy. But still, this is an issue that they are still debating over.


There are so many feng shui wind chimes that are prepared with the traditional symbols. These symbols can be representing the wind chimes for protection or a wind chime that comes with a mystic knot stands for ample energy.

A clay wind chime with two hearts clearly tells that it is a perfect pick for the love and marriage area of your home or garden that is located in the southwest.

A Budda image wind chime takes feng shui energies of the northeast for the spiritual growth and self-perfection in Bagua areas.


When a wind chime is used for a feng shui cure, one should be attentive towards the numbers of bells or the rods. 6 and 8 are the numbers that are most famous in the bells of a wind chime if you are in seeking the increment of useful energy.

The same way, number 5 is taken as the perfect number if you want to abstain from the evil energies. Annual feng shui stars assist a lot in this context. You should use them in the feng shui applications if you are a fanatic lover of the wind chimes.

And you should not be scared to carry them indoors. All you need to look are, the material, symbols, numbers, and numbers of bells and rods while selecting a wind chime. And that should be according to your location and the purpose you want it to serve.

A glance on the structure of wind chime

The four fundamental parts of wind chimes are as follows:

  1. Hanging strings: These are the cords due to which a chime is held together. The meeting point of these strings lies at the top in the form of the cone that hangs with the help of a hook. An individual string holds the piece in the center and the sail too.
  2. Suspension rostrum: A round-shaped material within which the hanging strings run. Further, it holds the tubes or other matters below.
  3. Sailing piece: This is an adornment piece that swings with the help of the center string. Its weight gives a persistent connection and chooses how much wind is needed to push the chime.
  4. Clapper: This is a centerpiece that knocks the tubes. Its round shape makes sure a stable contact.

The spell that material contains: The most common type of material that is used to craft a wind chime is a metal tube. But possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity. Everything that can produce any sound is used to make wind chimes.

But the most important factor remains the same here as well that is quality only, that provides us with the good quality wind chimes that later prove the best wind chimes.

It can be said these days that, it depends on your own choice what kind of sound you want in your ears since there are old fashioned perfectly tuned tubular designs and the chimes that are made by the innovators using the flatware like keys or the tin cans.

These chimes give a variety of sounds that can be used either to get relaxed or to get inspiration.

Following is a rundown of the popular materials

Metal: Contrary to the other materials the metallic tubes can effortlessly be tuned so that they could give some specific sounds and tunes. These metallic tubes shiver more than other stuff and can create a more echoing sounds that are taken as the best sounding wind chimes. They make way more melodious sounds when put together once they are properly tuned.

Aluminum: These aluminum chimes can create more lively sound due to their outstanding quality of vibrancy. What getting higher appreciations are copper and brass as well. Apparently, both of these materials are almost identical in performance but with somewhat softer effects of sound.

Aluminum can be perfectly teamed with the steel chimes that are of high quality. On the other hand, a substandard steel chime gives only a meaningless noise instead of being musical.

Bamboo: These hollow tubes make a smooth echo while striking with each other. The exterior of these chimes is comparatively harder that comes up to provide a vivid clanger. Both of these melodies play equalizing and harmonious music at the end.

Glass: It is a very soft and jingling music but the important thing is its material, which doesn’t carry the tones as far as others do just because of its non-vibrating nature.

And last but not least…

Clay: This substance gives out various tones that depend on the thickness of the stuff. High pitched sounds are made possible through light clay that is almost hollow. Notwithstanding, the dense clay creates the tones that resemble the metal chimes.

But one more significant thing to be noted here is, their sound effect doesn’t last long as it is less vibrant material. Other well-known materials are beads, crystal, porcelain, PVC pipe, seashells, stoneware and many more.

What are the essential elements that make a wind chime excellent?

Why a wind chime is preferred is its attractive sound. There are some other contributing attributes that add to making a classy tone with efficiency. The tips given below will make it more convenient for you to choose one for you:

The many tubes or other material is used in the preparation of a wind chime, the more chances are to get the variety of tones that it produces.

Lengthy tubes help make plentiful and low-pitched tones whereas the tubes short in size give the high-rated pitch.

Empty rounded tubes transport the sound further when compared to the fraught tubes.

More wind is required to push the weighty sails as a result, the sails less in weight make more sounds. In addition, in the case of their materialistic weight, they make the strings completely messy when in the huge packs of wind.

The weightiness and lightness of a chime simply depend on its material. Weighty chimes can be obtained if there are some safe places to swing it.

Strings are a fragile component of all the other parts. So, the recommended material is a nylon that stands any kind of rainy or snowy weather in comparison to cotton.

The people living in your neighborhood should be taken care hence should be kept in mind while buying a chime. Metallic and bamboo wind chime’s tones go farther.

Chimes with stained glass and crystal gorgeously reflect the sunlight

Best wind chimes are the ornaments that provide an appealing and magical look to the place you hang them.

Let me add here something very beneficial before moving forward, the memorial wind chimes or the sympathy wind chimes: These chimes are usually given or sent as a token of sympathy that is a symbol of serenity and calmness.

The memorial lawns or the patios of homes are the most ideal places to hang them in. The indulging sound of it creates an environment that yields only the peace and placidity where everyone feels completely relaxed.

Contemporary Corinthian bells wind chimes, the air sings with

These wind chimes are said to be the latest and a brand-new addition in the array of wind chimes that are flawlessly crafted with a lovely combination of the design that stands out of the crowd and the fresh sounds and vibrancy. An emblem of perfection both in terms of remarkable design and music that is never listened to… ever!

These chimes are great in looks and audibly excellent, some of the users say, these chimes are matchless at the present day and no other can beat them anyway. In short, they are the best wind chimes.

These chimes are carefully manufactured with lofty aluminum tubes that are stroked with a thicker piece that produces noteworthy and impressive sounds and melodies. A powder coat is applied to the tubes so that they could achieve the equivalence with the cupola and the wind sail.

A great finishing look to the chime is given this way. These Corinthian bells are easily obtainable in more than 10 sizes and a wide range of captivating colors.

Now, something about the bamboo!

Bamboo wind chimes

There are more than 30 varieties when it comes to bamboo or wooden wind chimes. And around 10 of them are the most running of this collection. The significance of bamboo is that it is purely artistic. It is perfectly smooth and gentle with great musical notes and fascinating that no other kind of wind chime produces.

bamboo wind chimes

These chimes are created by the craftsmen who belong to Bali. Each of the pieces are carved by hand one by one and a perfect symbol of outstanding skill and mastery. These are called instruments by nature and are developed with coconut and bamboo.

Certain musicians create the notes of these chimes by hand. The thing that they take care of is: They should give as gorgeous the sound as lovely they look. Additionally, the purpose of manual tuning of every single tube and different sizes of these chimes is, the chime should play a special or unusual tune. These chimes are considered good quality wind chimes.

Towards Capiz…



Capiz wind chimes

The real home to Capiz is Indonesia where they are actually breaded. The pieces there, are attentively classified, parched, slashed, formed, polished and colored.

Capiz wind chimes

These are bound together with a robust but unseen nylon string. These slender, smooth and transparent pieces give radiant colors. Long ago, the capiz were utilized as the windowpanes of the houses.

But now, almost all kinds of home decorations include these pieces such as, flowerpots, lampshades and obviously… the wind chimes. These hand-made chimes are the proud product from the artists in Bali.

Can’t forget the Seashell wind chimes!



Seashell wind chimes

Amazingly handmade seashell wind chimes are effortlessly available in the array of colors.Seashell wind chimes

These specific seashells are found on the Maui’s beach that is located in Hawaii, these are purely natural stuff. Any of the homes can get a sunny seaside look and feel with these random and windy seashells.

Ignite your coastal spirits with these lively and frisky schemes, designs, details that woven and radiant finish of seashells.

The more vivid natural polish will certainly include the shore peace collectively.


Now, I would like you to have a look at the top 10 wind chimes

1. Up Bland Classic Havasu

This wind chime is manually tuned for an alto major pentatonic E scale. It makes sure the loveliest, soft and melodic tones that will definitely make every listener feel the true inspiration with serenity. Frequently asked questions, maintenance instructions, and tips to keep it going well can be found on a brochure with brilliant colors.

Plus: Bronze bath anodized tubes, beechwood striker can be adjusted manually and an engraving of your own choice can be added very easily.

2.  Pixpri Elegant

If you are one of those who don’t like anything glittering hanging in their residence. This one is particularly for you that makes certain peaceful music. It really has a breezy effect that you can install at your place without any hassle and surely merges with its surroundings.

Plus: Can be used as both indoor and outdoor, can be hooked comfortably and it has an appealing intense green finish.

3. Brooklyn Basix Freedom

An item from the line up of wind chimes that comes with captivating sound in logical pricing. The sound of which will keep echoing throughout your place for so many times to come.

Above all, it is prepared with reprocessed Aluminium and lasting bamboo. You will never regret what you purchased. For that reason, some of the people refer to this as one of the best wind chimes.

Plus: Robust suspension circle, the platform made of wood that can split time to time and lessens the noise pollution.

4. Ylyycc Brassiness wind bell

A contemporary touch and elegance are here with Ylyycc Brassiness wind bell. An ornamental look that will make your courtyard or patio perfectly classy.

Its tones are gentle but high-pitched that will provide you ultimate relaxation even if you have just been through a day with a hell of stress. So, give your ears a soothing sound to absorb.

Plus: Drawn up with the bells and coins, ready to jingle all the time and elaborated through black beads.

5. Image Wind lights Solar Powered

This solar-powered article keeps swallowing the sunlight all day long and tenderly yields this light in the night. It has LED colors in it that keeps changing and enlightens the whole environment with a pleasant hummingbird figure embedded in it. It is very nice both to watch and to listen as well.

Plus: Bulbs that last longer, delicate tinkling sound with a rechargeable battery that is included in the package.

6. 27-Inch Pluto

A reasonable bronze-colored 27-inch Pluto from Woodstock that is extremely eye-catching especially when it reflects the beams of sunlight. This medium-sized product is recommended for comparatively shorter outdoors and it could be installed as an indoor embellishment. Your living will give a more inviting look with this.

Plus: Its strings are made of nylon, not that loud and easily accessible in black and silver.

7. Brooklyn Basix Freedom

A pick for you that comes in for an appropriate price. Its music responds back with charming tones that will make not just your place but even your neighborhood completely spellbound. Durable bamboo and recycled aluminum are the ingredients through which this perfect piece is manufactured. You will feel proud once you buy this piece for you.

Plus: Lowers the noise pollution, strong loop of suspension and timber made a platform that can be divided over time.

8. Blue Handworks Santa Fe

Do you belong southwest? Do you want to feel at home? If both of your answers are yes so, here is a present for you with energetic, rainbow-hued glass that will never make you feel stranger.

Carefully crafted from the artists. Therefore, every single piece has its own exceptional form, structure, and colors. Add reflections to your lawn, garden or porch.

Plus: Manufactured with maintainable wood, glass that is sandblasted and gets fade in the sun.

9. Bela Urban Trends Capiz

Do you love bringing the valiant and dynamic adornments to your home? Here’s the finest chunk for you. Whatever the way of your living is, you can get one complimentary item for you from almost the endless variation of colors.

Plus: Highly cost-effective, beautiful shells are used in the preparation and can be hanged simply.

10. Woodstock Pachelbel Canon

Appears with the softest and the most soothing sound that is owed to the ash wood disc and accurately tuned solid rods and tubes of bronze aluminum. Garry Kristen, a Grammy award-winning musician designed the music that it generates. It doesn’t look only beautiful but includes the best sounds also. These chimes are believed as the best outdoor wind chimes.

Plus: Strings that are not just long-lasting but weather-resistant too, windcatcher can be removed and gives a lifetime guarantee of tuning.

What is the right wind chime for you?

Sound is a vital part that matters the most when you go to buy a wind chime. People who live in the areas with heavy woods, they do like to have chimes of wood and bamboo. Contrary, the people living in the urban areas, love to hang the metallic or brass chimes at their homes.

But in both cases, the person will be looking for the most melodious notes. These chimes are now available in so many models that have made it more difficult for the folks to choose the best wind chimes.

One important thing that should be kept in mind. If you go for the larger chime, you will have to think first that how and where you will place it and what will be the perfect position for it? A load of an ideal wind chime stands somewhere amidst of around 10 oz. and 2 lbs. It means that it should be very easy for you to hang it with a metallic hook.

The way larger chimes fall between 5 to 12 lbs. But they naturally need something that can support it or a separate track that can stabilize it. Another important thing is, how the wind chime should merge with your local weather.

As an example, a glass chime can be split up by the strong gusts of wind. Once again… Only the wooden, bamboo or the aluminum chimes can stand the weather’s harshness if they are kept in the heavy heat, snow or the rain.

Wind chimes reviews

There are so many reviews available online that say a lot about the wind chimes. Out of all these reviews, anyone can comfortably find out the pros and cons of all the wind chimes that are discussed in the above lines.

  • The c scale is a parameter according to which these chimes are tuned.
  • There are variations of several colors that are available in the market these days.
  • There ultimate length of a chime is 44 inches so you should be well-aware of where you are going to place them.
  • These chimes are built by keeping in the mind the strong weather conditions.
  • The reviewers’ expectations are of longer but these chimes are shorter than what they think.
  • Few of the users say that these are of low quality.

Last but not least… Dos and Don’ts!

Usually, there are some advices to use the wind chime that is given below:

  1. Don’t hang the wind chimes where the folks sit or sleep right down these chimes. The invigorating effect of them can be any cause of concern for them if anyone comes in direct contact of them. So, avoid hanging them in places like this.
  2. Don’t hang the metallic wind chimes in the trees, keeping in view that both are the opposite elements and will definitely clash. But the wooden or bamboo chimes can be used to hang in the trees because both the elements are the same.
  3. Don’t hang right up to a door or in a narrow corridor lest it should be stroked by the passers-by or the door itself.
  4. Do use the wind chimes that muster up the noise. The chimes will tear apart the tackiness of energy in these zones and will make them very easily cleanable.
  5. You can use them where you want to gather positive energies.
  6. Use them from where you want the negative, bad or evil energies to be removed.
  7. Use them to make the area easily breathable.
  8. Do use the wind chimes where you or your folks want to establish any kind of living or trading community.

Wind chimes to buy online

A plenty of online resources can be found while browsing through the internet. But like almost in all the businesses. There are always few but the most trustworthy names in the market (whether the traditional or the contemporary or the online stores) from which people prefer to make their purchases.

Hence here as well, there are so many websites that sell wind chimes and can be trusted blindly just because of the time span that they have spent in the market and the reliability in the terms of the purity of their products.

Whatever kind of wind chime you are researching or looking for, can be easily researched or found. And the most interesting thing in all this matter is the price.

Yes! The price, since the immensity of the online market not only gives the customers the best wind chimes but the endless variation of products and their prices.

This variation proves a healthy and beneficial sign for the end-users who can perk themselves up with as lowest the prices as the market can provide.

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