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Best 16 Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower In 2022

Are you searching for What’s the cheapest way to increase horsepower? Then you come to the correct webpage. We listed the 16 cheapest ways to increase horsepower.

Your automobile is in good condition. It’s got an excellent sound, and you’ve been driving it long enough that the seat has developed that ideal butt groove. You’ve been quite good about maintaining it, with regular oil changes and trips to the vehicle wash.

However wouldn’t it be good if it were a bit quicker? Perhaps you had a bit more energy as you took off from a red light? With a bit of tweaking, your automobile could even be able to pass another car heading uphill. We’re not talking about turning your automobile into a drag strip queen; it would be too pricey. Is that correct?

Best 16 cheapest way to increase horsepower:

There are simply sixteen things you can do to improve your commute or turn at a decent quarter-mile pace, and they don’t have to cost more than your house payment.

1. Improve the air intake of your car

When it comes to Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower, most aspiring gearheads start here. Upgrading to a cold-air intake is a reasonably straightforward process resulting in a substantial horsepower increase.

An automobile engine is just an air pump. The more air it consumes, the more power it can generate. Cold-air intakes lack the steep bends and local air channels found in specific factory intakes. Turbulence is caused by abrupt transitions and sharp edges in the intake, which results in horsepower loss.

Increased airflow instructs the engine’s computer to inject more fuel into the fuel/air mixture. Higher air/fuel = more horsepower. As the name suggests, cold-air intakes also pull colder air from outside the engine chamber. Cooler air is denser; therefore, the computer increases the amount of fuel, allowing the engine to produce more horsepower. Its best Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower efficiently

2. Upgrade the exhaust system on your car

More air entering the engine implies more air leaving the engine. While many standard exhaust systems can manage the additional volume of air created by a cold-air intake, for optimum horsepower, consider upgrading to a performance (cat-back) exhaust or high-flow catalytic converter – significantly if you’ve previously upgraded your automobile engine to enhance horsepower.

The resonator, exhaust pipe, and muffler are all part of a performance exhaust system placed after the catalytic converter. Performance exhausts are often built with larger-diameter pieces than factory exhausts, allowing for more airflow.

Because performance exhausts encompass everything following the catalytic converter, tampering with the catalytic converter will not disturb your vehicle’s emissions system. That’s why we mention this Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower because exhaust system can improve your car performance significantly.

Nonetheless, a standard catalytic converter can impede airflow and lower horsepower, making it a perfect candidate for replacement. A high-flow catalytic converter has more comprehensive ports on either end, increasing airflow and horsepower.

How did so many animals make it into this tip? No cats need to be hurt in the process of improving one’s horsepower. This entails straightening the pipes from the catalyst in the exhaust tube to the bumper at the back of the automobile.

“This will free up the entire system,” Jeff Zurschmeide, author of “The New Mini Performance Handbook,” stated. “It makes it simpler to push the exhaust gasses out.” 

Getting those gasses out as soon as possible creates more space for more air and fuel, and more air and fuel equals greater power. “New catalysts are less restrictive than they used to be, and they’re built to work with the engine,” says Zurschmeide.

3. High-flow Catalyst

When catalytic converters were mandated initially for automobiles, manufacturers hurried to install them. They didn’t boost one’s performance, but they did help the air we breathe. Catalysts took decades to develop, with even automobiles from the 1980s and 1990s becoming clogged in the converters.

What if you threw leaded gas into the mix? You were fortunate if you could make it up a hill. Consider the following: Replace an old catalyst with a new aftermarket high-flow number and notice the difference in the pedal. Zurschmeide recommends combining this with a cat-back exhaust system to get the most bang for your budget.

He also mentions that removing a catalyst that isn’t damaged is prohibited, and there are some heavy consequences for doing so.

Under no circumstances should you use a wrench to whack a hole in your catalytic converter, necessitating it to be replaced, maybe with a high-flow catalyst. Did you hear that? Don’t poke a hole in it.

4. Reflashing

The computer in your automobile is simply flashed, which modifies the programming for timing, fuel-air mixture, and other horsepower-boosting inputs. Aside from the increased power, the benefit of a reflash is that it can be undone if you require warranty maintenance or have your car inspected by the state environmental authority.

The issue is that technology is only effective if your vehicle is turbocharged or supercharged; reflashing a normally aspirated engine would only provide a half-horsepower bump, according to Zurschmeide.

And, like some of the others on this list, it only results in a significant power increase if your engine’s factory programming is the limiting reason. Swapping out the original computer for a new module may help, but this, according to Zurschmeide, “has a very high entry price.” Reflashing engine can boost your car performance and bad chemical and gases can’t harm your engine Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower

5. Engine tuning & performance chips

Performance tuners, often known as “performance chips,” connect to the diagnostic port. They alter the fuel and timing maps to improve engine performance at the price of fuel economy. However, specific performance chips can enhance fuel efficiency.

Diesel owners are particularly fond of performance chips. They’re about the most accessible and cheapest option to boost horsepower on the marketplace.

6. Tire Tricks

Believe it or not, there is a slew of tire modifications you can perform to improve the sense of power in your vehicle. Zurschmeide recommends beginning with a more forceful alignment. Dial-in the toe-in specified by the manufacturer so that the wheels are pointing straight ahead for increased straight-line speed. Using best tires can reduce noise in your driver cabin also Cheapest Way To Increase Horsepower if you are using best tires you can save much money on gas and its also increase your comfort level

To boost acceleration, replace the conventional tires with a pair of shorter tires. Sure, your speedometer will read erroneously due to this, but it’s a minor price to pay for a speedy time off the line.

You may always acquire a new set of low-weight wheels to place those short tires on, but be cautious if you’re trying to save money. A pair of carbon-fiber wheels may decrease your burden, but they will significantly lighten your cash.

7. Install a boost controller

If your car’s engine contains a turbocharger or supercharger, it will have been factory-programmed to deliver a specified amount of boost, measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

Installing an engine boost controller enables you to manage the amount of boost created in the intake manifold, potentially increasing horsepower.

Installing a boost gauge is also a good idea to avoid overdoing it. A good rule of thumb is to keep boost increases between 15-20% higher than the factory setting.

Keep in mind that too much boost might ruin your engine. Conduct your research, use care, and consider obtaining counsel from an expert.

8. Upgrade to synthetic engine oil

If your engine oil isn’t up to the task, all of this extra horsepower and heat will most certainly result in engine wear and dangerous deposits. Switch to synthetic engine oil. While you’re at it, replace all of your vehicle’s lubricants with synthetics. 

Synthetic oil improves engine wear prevention and heat resistance. They also boost horsepower because of their improved capacity to minimize friction compared to traditional lubricants. Less friction aids in transferring more power to the ground.

9. Supercharger

Forced induction systems, similar to how cold air intakes assist your automobile by producing denser gas, compress the air streaming into your engine, and may provide a 50 percent improvement in horsepower if both your engine and your budget can sustain this upgrade. You can mix more gasoline and produce greater power by “pushing” more air. 

They are less complicated to install than its cousin, the turbocharger, and provide more immediate enjoyment when you step on the throttle. Because they are “belt-driven,” they are best suited to 6-cylinder engines rather than four-cylinder engines. They also do not require an intercooler, which means less room for heat problems or breakdown.

10. Turbocharger

While a turbocharger is fueled by the exhaust on the way out, a supercharger is powered by a belt that links directly to the engine on the way in.

They are incredibly efficient in that they “recycle” energy from the exhaust stream to power themselves; however, because of the nature of the operation, there is a delay or “turbo lag” in increasing energy. 

Even if the peak Hp of a turbocharger might be higher than that of a supercharger, you can expect a 25% gain in horsepower.

11. Nitrous

Another “Fast & Furious” fan… It is effectively a portable super/turbocharger, one of its most enticing characteristics; you can take it from one car to another with no loss of investment. Nitrous is similar to a can of “air-maker.” It effectively provides more air for the engine to burn, increasing power. 

A NOS kit may cost between $900 and $3000 and is banned in most states. On the bright side, they may be utilized with a turbocharger or supercharger to eliminate lag and boost horsepower output.


12. Water-Injection Kit

A water-injection kit can improve your vehicle’s gas efficiency while also minimizing carbon deposits in the combustion chambers, assisting in preventing engine pinging caused by not putting super-premium in your car’s tank.

While this change will not increase horsepower on a normally aspirated engine, it will increase horsepower significantly when combined with turbo or superchargers.

13. Camshaft for High Performance

You may increase the horsepower as well as the acceleration of your automobile by altering the duration and timing of the value openings within the engine. This is possible by inserting a performance cam. 

Aside from the expense, the disadvantage is that you generate a noisier engine sound when obnoxiously idling in front of your girlfriend’s house at 2 a.m., or is that an advantage? You make the call.

14. Maintain the cleanliness of your filters

If your vehicle can’t breathe, it can’t perform. Maintain the cleanliness and performance of your air and fuel filters, and your automobile will continue to produce its optimum horsepower potential.

The best way to increase horsepower in your automobile is to maintain the cleanliness of your filters. An important component of a diesel engine not visible to the naked eye is the filter. You must make sure that the filter is clean.

If you don’t, the engine will not produce the amount of horsepower that it should. This can be a big problem for you, as the engine will not run at full performance. The best way to clean your filter is to use a high-pressure water jet to blow the dirt out.

15. Maintain the condition of your vehicle

Your engine isn’t running properly if your spark plugs aren’t sparking. Not only can having healthy spark plugs in your automobile keep it running smoothly, but upgrading to higher quality spark plugs may also boost its performance. Wires are equally crucial.

The condition of your vehicle can directly correlate to horsepower. When your vehicle is in good condition, it will perform at its best. That’s why regular maintenance is essential. If you’re looking to increase your horsepower, consider investing in a new air filter. 

These filters can increase horsepower by up to 10%. If you’re not into the idea of buying a new air filter, consider using a different filter that has reusable parts. You can buy a battery sprayer, a new fuel pump, or a new fuel injector, and each of these items can increase horsepower by up to 10%.

16. Maintain the lubrication of your vehicle

Maintaining the lubrication of your car is essential to keeping it running smoothly. If you neglect this part of your car, you could find yourself having to replace a part of the entire engine. To maintain the lubrication of your vehicle, you must regularly change your oil and rotate your tires. 

It would be best to consider using a car wash to clean off any particles that might be on your vehicle. The end result of all of this is that you’ll be able to keep your vehicle running smoothly and driving for years to come.

Anything that causes friction in the engine of your automobile affects performance. Maintain and change all of your car’s fluids regularly. The better your car’s motor oil condition, the more it can help your engine output.

Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our article on “What’s the cheapest way to increase horsepower?” Of course, people want to use their car for the most it has to offer, but pushing it to extremes in the name of horsepower can be costly. 

That’s why it’s essential to keep in mind the car’s condition and the mileage it’s already got if you want to increase the horsepower with our given the best 16 cheapest way to increase horsepower. 

Continue reading our blog’s other wonderful articles if you want to learn more about how to boost horsepower in your automobile. Thank you for your time!


What is the most cost-effective approach to boost horsepower?

Replace the stock air inlet with a cold air intake. The cost, according to, starts at $40 and varies based on the brand and features.

Is it true that cold air intake makes an automobile faster?

Yes. Because cold air is denser, more air enters the cylinders to combine with the fuel. More air equals more combustion, which equals more power.

What modifications boost horsepower?

Modifications that can boost horsepower include a cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, a high-flow catalyst, tire modifications, and reflashing.

What effect do air intakes have on horsepower?

With cold air intake, you might get five to twenty horsepower.

How much power is added by reflashing?

A normally aspirated engine can only be reflashed for a half-horsepower boost.

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